It is October 1st and my first post! I am so excited to blog once again. I have a history of blogging in my twenties with random thoughts, ideas, and nonsense. A plethora of articles outline how important it is to find one’s niche, brand one’s self, and target one’s audience when blogging as we advance in a 21st century tech-saavy society. I reflect on how I can brand myself or share my niche with the world; however, I am a lover of many things and have a passion to share ideas on anything…err, well, mostly anything. A popular question bloggers must ask themselves is, “What makes me so special that people will follow or listen to me?”. It is that question, my friends, which stumps me every time.

People either love or hate me and there is no middle-ground. I have learned that in my [mumbles] years and come to accept it as a fact of life. I try to remain humble and would love to say there’s nothing special about me, but I have friends and colleagues who disagree. I think we all have strengths to share and can positively contribute to our society (in real life or our technological world). I hope that I can encourage others through my blog in some way rather than sending articles in black hole of the internet’s abyss.

I have strengths in education, psychology, and history. My interests vary in every scope one can think of and I have minimal dislikes. I do judge as I believe it is in our human nature to judge. It is encoded in our biological response to ensure our safety (i.e., fight or flight). I don’t believe judging is something negative; however, it becomes damaging when we act upon those preconceived judgments (in a manner other than ensuring our safety) and close our mind to understanding others as well as closing one’s self off from possibilities. Perhaps I can clarify that stance in a future blog and you, my friends, can help expand such ideas with your input.

Let us welcome October together, friends!

Stay safe, well, and happy.